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Dollar Dash Preview


Dollar Dash is a promising new arena battle game coming to PC and Xbox Live. Published by Kalypso and developed by Candy Gun Games, we managed to get our hands on an early version of its multiplayer thievery. From what I’d already seen, DD promised to be addictive – a staple of all great games on the Xbox Live format – and I can happily report that this little gem is living up to its promise.

Dollar Dash’s top-down madness plays out across a variety of mini, thoughtfully designed arenas, ranging from Skyscraper rooftops to museum quarters. The demo build we played had 6 arenas in total, two for each of the 3 main game types. Impressively, while all boasting simple hazards you need to be weary of, each level comes with its own unique gimmick, lending each a sense of identity. Making sure you don’t fall off a Skyscraper rooftop is one thing, but avoiding the gun shots of the creeping museum guard is another challenge altogether. Maps allow up to 4 players at a time, which can either be human or AI controlled. As you can probably imagine, playing against friends is going to be your best way of enjoying a spot of Dollar Dash.

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