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Zavvi Offers Cheapest GTA V Pre-Order Price. HMV Reveal April 5th Release Date?


    Rockstar have finally unleashed pre-orders for the highly anticipated GTA V, with the game now available for pre-purchasing at online retailers Game, Play.com, HMV, and Zavvi.

    Zavvi, who famously set the internet alight in August by speculating a Nov 23rd release date for GTA on their website, are offering the cheapest UK price at £39.95.

    Rockstar’s announcement also made reference to the much discussed second trailer, promising an update this week, as well as the much sought after Game Informer cover story.

    Though Play.com and Game have kept their pre-order release date as TBC, both Zavvi and HMV have included one within their listings. Zavvi now puts the date at May 30th, 2013, while HMV claims the game will be landing April 5th. Interestingly, Zavvi says their date is speculation and subject to change, while HMV’s listing makes no such claim. Is this the actual release date?

    Last week, Rockstar confirmed that GTA V will be releasing sometime in Spring 2013.

    Finally, the publishers have also made last week’s “beach weather” artwork available for download, which can be grabbed here

    More GTA V is guaranteed to be released throughout the week. Happy times.

    • John

      CANT fucking WAIT!!! I have a sneaky feeling, this GTA will be closer to the original ones, none of that GTA IV nonsense! Hope they re-release Vice and San Andreas!

    • http://www.thirteen1.com Dan

      San Andreas was the series high point for me. If they follow that mould and cut down on the daft dating Rockstar will be on to an absolute winner.

    • Raul

      Fuck OFF,, Relasedate is 15.11.2012 and now 2013 WTF man WTF wait 3 month for..for nothing FUCK :| GTA IV & GTA SAN ANDREAS Best :|

    • http://T1 phill taylor

      ilove GTA 5 it ios the best game ever