Home Features T1 Monthly – January 2013 Issue Available Now

T1 Monthly – January 2013 Issue Available Now


Sound the horns! The first 2013 issue of free-to-read videogames magazine Thirteen1 Monthly is available now, featuring:

Kings & Legends Hands-On
-See why the newest CCG on the block is shaping up nicely

ShootMania Hands-On
-An online MMOFPS from the creators of TrackMania has got to be a promising concept, right?

Jagged Alliance Online
-This game just won a Browser Based Game of the Year award; we decided to see what all the fuss is about.

Best of CES 2013
-There were some fine treats for gamers at this users technology show, check out the best here

Most Anticipated Games of 2013
-It’s only January, but we’re already looking forward to a whole bunch of games. 2013 is looking awesome.

2012 Review – Quarter One
-Part one of a video series by T1’s Alec-Ross Bower, telling you all about 2012 from one gamer’s point of view

..and more!
-Including Primordia, Giana Twisted Sisters, ShootMania, and more..

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