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Rebellion Release Second Trailer for Unnamed Game – Possible Greek Mythology Link


    Rebellion, developer of Sniper Elite V2, has released a second teaser trailer for the untitled mystery horror game revealed earlier this week.

    Following wild speculation that Tuesday’s trailer was teasing a horror add-on for Sniper Elite V2, this second teaser comes coupled with an announcement stating this is a “stand-alone title debuting February 14th”. The unnamed game is touted as PC-only and judging by the trailer could be Greek mythology related. Either way, it 100% definitely has nothing to do with Valentines Day. We think.

    See the second trailer below

    The full announcement accompanying the trailer reads:

    “Five, six, up the River Styx … seven, eight, it’s way too late…

    Amidst the crackle and hiss of the wireless a young girl’s song penetrates the dark. But this is no heart-warming nursery rhyme. Echoing round blood-smeared walls, only lifeless corpses are there to hear it ….. or are they?!

    In this second atmospheric teaser trailer from Rebellion, slaughter and isolation juxtaposes with the innocence of a child caught amid an unholy conflict – but questions linger. How has she survived? What influence led her to twist the lyrics of this famous children’s song?”

    For those too lazy to initiate a Google search, the “River Styx” is a river in Greek Mythology that forms the boundary between Earth and the Underworld – otherwise known as Hades (thanks Wiki!). The river Styx is is a key location in Greek Mythology, holding special meaning to Zeus, and is even the place Achilles was bathed as a newborn to acquire his full body invulnerability, except for the heel that his mother held when she dipped him in the river (hence the “Achilles heel” expression).

    So what can we gather from the two trailers released so far? Our best current guess is a horror shooter set in the underworld, possibly starring a recently shot soldier fighting to survive in the “dead space”.
    As for the little girl singing the song made famous by Freddy Kruger? We’ll stick our neck out and say it’s nothing more than a common horror trope.

    We’ll see!

    • Sideras

      The river styx is also where the dead would enter the underworld, or on wich they would travel on charons ferry down to the underworld. So I’d say this has very, very little to do with Greek mythology.
      Anyways, un-announced game coming out rougly 10 days after it’s reveal by the creators of Sniper Elite V2. Yeah that smells really bad.