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Thirteen1’s Weekly Video Game Highlights


    This weeks videogames highlights are a bit of a mixed bag to be honest, but I’ll try to keep it positive. I think we’ve all heard enough about the (approximately) $2,467 you’ll need to spend just to play all of Dead Space 3. Right? Right!

    Actually, if we had a virtual naughty step here at T1, we’d be making EA sit on it for the entire weekend. Just so they can think about what they’ve done. I mean, why should they be allowed to play outside with their friends when they’re assaulting Dead Space 3 with more micro-transactions than a midgets personal ATM? Not only that, but the powerhouse publisher has added insult to injury by shelving Medal of Honor for the foreseeable future and opting to make Battlefield an annual outing instead. Like I said, that’s bad, EA. Bad!

    In more positive news, did you see the teaser trailers for Rebellion’s new, currently untitled game? They’re pretty good; and they’ve had us scratching our heads all week here at T1 HQ. After the first trailer dropped on Tuesday, we thought it was definitely a zombie add-on for Sniper Elite V2. But today, after seeing the second trailer, we’re leaning more towards it being a Greek Mythology-inspired shooter. Who knows, maybe after the third trailer we’ll think it’s a scary homage to Hello Kitty. Just keep them coming please, Rebellion. Thanks.

    The biggest news this week is no doubt Sony’s teaser for the PS4. The video popped up last night accompanied by the message “Is the Ps4 coming?”. The answer, of course, being yes. Do Sony honestly still believe their next-gen console is a secret? Anyway, we’ll be finding out more about the PS4 on Feb 20th, and we’re more excitable than a baby in a barrel of boobs to read the official specs from the manufacturers themselves.

    We’re also incredibly excited by the impossible sounding Universe Project. The team behind the “whole universe in a game” concept sent out an update this week promising more info and videos in the near future. This game could actually be happening, people – make sure you pre-register.

    If smaller, simpler multiplayer games are more your thing, why not check out Orange Pixel’s “Slug”. They released an impressive video this week showing how the Ouya turns their game into a TV-friendly, old-school gaming style slug-fest (heh). Don’t fancy the Ouya? You’ll want to check out the final design of the Kickstarter-funded ‘GameStick’ then. It’s looking nice.

    In other news, the Warcraft film has finally landed a director, and it’s none other than the excellent Duncan Jones – director of Source Code and Moon. Not to be outdone in the “our name contains the word ‘War'” stakes (yeah, that was a flimsy opening I know. It’s Friday!), this week saw ridiculously successful publisher/developer, Wargaming – creators of World of Tanks – announce their first steps into the console market. They’ve bought out F.E.A.R. 3 studio, Day 1 Studios. Should be interesting.

    Finally, with the weather still acting up and the outside world generally having nothing fun to offer, why not spend the weekend inside pretending to be a gangster? Omerta – City of Gangsters was officially released today, hitting stores on Xbox 360 and digital download platforms for the PC. We recommend you get the boxed edition though – it comes with a flyer giving you an instant win code for the mega popular, 10-year strong browser-based Mafia MMO, Omerta.

    That’s it from us this week. Whatever you get up to, enjoy the weekend guys and girls!