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Skyfall’s Opening Train Sequence Recreated in GTA V

A group of Redditors have recreated the opening train sequence from latest James Bond movie Skyfall in Grand Theft Auto V, and the results are pretty impressive.

The video was posted by Brass Ballas. Its YouTube video description reads:

We recreated the train fight from the opening of Skyfall. Very hard to get the game to cooperate with filming what we needed, but had a blast doing it. Special thanks to the members from r/GTAA that helped us film!

Here’s hoping they release more movie recreations in the future. I’ll send them top marks if they can nail the motorway sequence from The Matrix Reloaded!

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLeDkAqG6I7ZBjg4LQXASiA Mitch Bell

    Hey that’s us! Glad you liked it. We will be trying to recreate more since this really took off!

  • http://www.thirteen1.com Dan

    Awesome, can’t wait to see it Mitch! Keep up the good work