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If Naughty Dog Made a Breaking Bad Game, This Is What Walter White Would Look Like


Michael Knowland, Naughty Dog’s lead character artist, has created a stunning next-gen quality model of Breaking Bad protagonist Walter White. Yes Mr White..yeah art!

Knowland is the man responsible for bringing both Ellie and Joel to life in The Last of Us, along with Tommy and some of the infected. His work is incredible, but this piece dedicated to one of the greatest TV characters of all time is my personal favourite.


Unfortunately the highly detailed bust doesn’t appear to be scheduled for a game. Knowland often takes up extra projects in his spare time to flex his artistry muscles, and this tantalizing glimpse of a video game Walter White is one of them. Here he is with the Heisenberg hat:


And some more angles:



Speaking about the personal project on Zbrush, Knowland says:

“It’s been forever since I finished a personal project, so I really wanted to do this one of Walt. My goal was and is to create a next-gen realistic head sculpture, that could be as high quality as something scanned, but to try and give it an artistic touch to it. I would like to make a 3D print of him, and also try some VRAY or Marmoset full color renders. In my opinion Breaking Bad is an amazing TV show, and Walt is a legend, so I had to do this!”

On his blog, he elaborates by saying that “a fully rendered in-game color version and 3D print out are my goals for this one.”

Because who wouldn’t want a 3D bust of Walter White created by a Naughty Dog artist sat in their room? In fact, I would design my entire house around something that.

Check out the video below to see how Knowland created the bust in more detail.

Walt-Zmovie-detailing from Michael Knowland on Vimeo.

If anything, this proves that Naughty Dog already have what it takes to create a great looking Breaking Bad game. Literally..they already have Walt’s head!

Have a word with them please Vince Gilligan, this needs to happen.