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10 Classic Games Playable in a Browser Right Now


The internet. A place to research, a place to glean information and get news the moment it breaks, a place to watch any visual media you can think of. Instead though, we’re just going to leave you with these 10 links to classic games and you can forget all the other stuff and lose your lunch hour and other free time to all the nostalgia. All of it.

jimEarthworm Jim (1994)
Earthworm Jim is a classic run and gun from 20 years ago that’s as fun today as it was back then. Not only was the game pretty sweet, it broke the mould by having a TV spin off which was also entertaining that featured voice artist extraordinaire Dan Castellaneta.

turtlesTurtles in Time (1992)
Heroes in a half shell! Turtle Power! In the 90s, the Turtles were an entertainment powerhouse, TV shows, films, toys – they set the bar for the Power Rangers that followed and whatever sub-par imitation this generation has. Their nostalgia level is so strong, that even Michael ‘Explosions’ Bay is cashing in by making a movie about them, which he’s no doubt going to ruin. Fortunately you can play Turtles in Time instead.

streets-of-rage-2Streets of Rage 2 (1992)
Move towards an enemy, punch punch kick. Eat some chicken, regain some health. Move to the next enemy. Kill boss at end of level. Rinse. Repeat. Eat chicken. Streets of Rage – as addictive now as it was 22 years ago.

sonic-2Sonic 2 (1992)
Playground arguments were had over who was better, Sonic or Mario? Nowadays they fight on the same Ninteamdo, but back in the day “Mega Drive vs. SNES” was today’s “PS vs. Xbox”. While you can’t relive the playground arguments and games of Red Rover, you can play Sonic 2 to your heart’s content.

persiaPrince of Persia (1989)
Those slicing doors – one wrong step and that familiar slicing sound would leave you with two halves of a hero. It’s incredible to think this game is 25 years old, because it still holds its ground with most flash platformers of the day. An excellent game, with beautiful colours in the later levels.

doom_cover_artDoom (1993)
As playable and addictive now as it was in I.T. class back in the day. If there’s one thing I learned in that class, it was the power of Alt-Tab. Also the power of the BFG and the power of constantly moving so nothing can get you.

kombatMortal Kombat II (1993)
FATALITY. Mortal Kombat reminds us of a simpler time, a time when playing violent video games didn’t somehow turn you into a degenerate. Click the link and see how long it takes you to defeat Shao Kahn.

linkLegend of Zelda: A Link To The Past (1991)
A Link to the Past is still banded around in discussions of “best RPG ever” and rightly so. This link (ha!) lets you play it on your browser. In terms of how good that is, it is basically the equivalent of free pizza for life.

marioSuper Mario World (1990)
As recently as last year, I dusted off my SNES just to play this again. A true testament to how good games could be back in the day, this platformer is a must play for anyone who loves video games.

super-mario-kart-snesSuper Mario Kart (1992)
The most classic of classic games. A franchise so strong new versions are made on next-gen platforms today with the same basic formula the game had 22 years ago. The original is as good now as it ever was and is where I’m headed as soon as I finish this article.