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EA Goes Too Far With Harsh Wii-U Bashing April Fools Joke, Then Deletes It

April Fools is always played in good spirits in the video games industry, but this latest attempt by EA, which sees the company openly mocking the Wii-U on Twitter, comes across more spiteful than playful.

The ‘prank’ came from the official Twitter account for the company’s Frostbite Engine 3, which EA has previously stated is too powerful for the Wii U to run. EA is no longer making games for the system for this reason, which is fair enough. There was no need for this though:




There’s having fun, Frostbite guys, and then there’s just kicking a console in the balls for the fun of it.

Update: In fairness to EA as a whole, since we saw the distasteful tweets and wrote this news piece the messages have quickly been deleted, presumably after somebody with an ounce of common sense at the company spotted them.

Update 2: EA Chief, Peter Moore has since apologised for the Tweets.

  • DarthDiggler

    Are we gamers really this sensitive that we can’t take any jabs about our systems?

    Anyone who is a Wii U owner should know by now that the system leaves a bit to be desired for developers. People aren’t buying Wii U to play Battlefield they buy Wii U to play Zelda or Mario.

    That being said I think the tweets are hilarious sucks that people can’t demonstrate a bit of a sense of humor these days because the thought police will get you.

  • Jason Mounce

    Apparently its distasteful to call the WiiU weak in sarcastic ways but if we have Mario and Crash Bandicoot beating eachother up on TV and mocking eachother of what one consoles can do and the other claiming that they can’t. It’s Nostalgic fun memories.

    Now it’s “Woe is Nintendo, EA, you’re so distasteful and pathetic! STOP BULLYING NINTENDO, LEEEEEEEEAVVVE NINTENNNNDO ALLLOOOONE, SHE’S A HUMAN BEING!!!”

    Dramatical and sensitive little twits are overwhelming the industry if you ask me. I remember when I was in grade 4-6 where me and some friends would compete and debate PS1 vs N64 on the school grounds and it was like, “Fast loading times cause the cartridge!” and “PS1 loads so slow! DISCS ARE SLOW MAN!” – “FF7 YOU DONT HAVE IT!” and going back and forth of saying Cons and pros to try to ‘persuade’ the other and hope you have more Pros for yourself or such. But at the end of the day? It was never Personal, no one made a vendetta out of our disagreements, we chuckled it off and continued our lives after. These days? People get their fucking panties and their nuts in a twist and spitefully hold a grudge against for LIFE for bashing THEIR TEH BEST FAVS COMPANY AND CONSOLE. And now articles like these, personally.

  • James Fitzgerald

    They were funny don’t really see a problem with them.

  • Anonymous X

    Thanks EA. You’re what killed Sega with this mentality, childish decisions that are anti-competition.

  • Edd Welch

    i have a PS4, Xbox One, 2DS, 3DS XL & a Wii U and i dont care what others or EA says. I very much enjoy my Wii U.

  • Fango

    i thought it was pretty funny. Wii U sucks and wish i had never bought one

  • Michael Cardwell

    EA should be worst company in America again! Microsoft is trying professionally to fix their image,but EA no they just keep on doing the wrong things….

  • Convergence87

    ms is trying to fix their image how so?

  • Convergence87

    People crying over an april fools joke. This is sad.

  • Michael Cardwell

    Well I should of said the Xbox Division instead of Microsoft. Oh and you ask how so? Well they actually gave the reigns to PHIL Spencer. Best move they could of made. He’s a true unbiased gamer! Great person that talks to simple folk like me too. He values gamers opinions. Not only that he has said the Xbox will be all about games and not other stuff going forward and I 100% believe him! Best move Microsoft has made in awhile!

  • Michael Cardwell

    I am not crying over that joke. EA was actually speaking the truth through a joke. So it kinda defeated the purpose. I’m not crying about it. I’m actually making fun of EA! Lol

  • Dean_Winchester

    Don’t lie.

  • Arnold Stallone

    Calm down, Nintendo fans…
    EA meant to say 2024, instead of 2014.

  • http://www.jackpipsam.blogspot.com Mark Davenport

    “Goes Too Far”
    If this is too far, then there is no room for any joke of any kind ever.

  • ThePokeMaster

    The tweets themselves aren’t that funny. But what I did find funnier was the reaction of some people including sites like this saying EA “went too far” and “distasteful”.

  • Jason Mounce


    It was dry, sorta plain. Saying things like ‘Half-life 3 confirmed PS4 exclusive’ – would be the same of what they did, comedic, unlikely, a joke, but whilst adding the realistic joke of Wii U’s lower power compared to PS4/X1. It’s a funny blow towards Nintendo and Wii U, but still accurate.

    People getting their panties in a twist over something so trivial is where the comedy is at. Like when I told people that I don’t think Bayonetta 2 will get many sales on Wii U due to the install-base being low and it being a third-party game and I had hordes of fanboys attack me and telling me how I’m a fanboy myself and a retard. The reactivity of people on the internet can just be plain ridiculous and over-dramatic.

  • rivencleft

    I have my PS3, 360, PS4, Vita, and Wii U and owned every console prior, I enjoy the Wii U for the Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong games (like DarthDiggler said above), even though I think the EA tweets were funny, so what if it can’t run Frostbite, it is what it is, Battlefield 4 ran on Frostbite, that was a great accomplishment EA (sarcasm) one of the biggest P.O.S. games coming from once again the people voted Worst Company in America 2 years in a row. Good job EA.

  • Tyler Davis

    I think it is hilarious!

  • NOSQEY .

    after bf4 i think EA should shut the f up,or they can bend over and i’ll show them what they can do with their frostbite engine.

  • ghostx1984

    The joke is on EA.

    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze was the best game i’ve played this year over ANYTHING on the PS3 and PS4. Can’t wait for Smashbros.

    I see this as a plus not having EA filler garbage on the platform. I can’t remember the last EA game I spent money on. And i’m better off because of it.

  • Gamingsince75

    People are actually defending EA because of their hate for Nintendo but I wonder what they would be saying if EA targeted PS4 or X1 with those insults how it would be… I seem to recall a lot of hate for Gabe when he was honest about PS3

  • Gamingsince75

    Sure you do kid. I think you mean your parents bought you one but we both know that isn’t true.

  • Gamingsince75

    If Frostbite runs on PS3 and 360, there is no way a more powerful console cannot run them. People really cannot be that stupid can they? More powerful engines run on Wii U but this weaker one on last gen console cannot? Please.

  • wishful thinking

    No, there was a need for this. Totally. If you cannot handle the heat (Nintendo) then leave the kitchen.

    Your time is done. Don’t you see the Asteroid approaching? Drop out of the console hardware business now, while you can still save some face.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Its pretty apparent that EA is firmly up Microsoft’s a$$ so dont ever expect them to target X1 for anything.

  • Carpe Diem

    Exactly. Crytek even lately said, WiiU supports the new Cryengine 4 (aka 3.5), we have Unity Engine and a few others. Only Frost Bite has to be adopted.

    And heres the point- they simply don`t want that. Thats all. A decision made of money.

  • olden

    It would be funny if they were actually making games for the system…

  • Orange Lada

    I understand EA has hard feelings about Wii U. I understand that EA have now been reduced to throwing insults dressed up (none too well) as April fool’s jokes. I’m reciprocating in kind by refusing to buy EA’s product – ever.

    Not for my PS3, not for my Wii U, not for my PC, not for my future PS4 (in fact it may delay that purchase further – I buy when there is software).

    So EA, I hope you’re reading this, because as of now you can’t give me your software.

    F U E A

  • Ritsujun

    Poor Nintenducks.


    hahahahah sure, untill ea does this to sony and mocs psn for not being able to run its bot ai or something right?


    a better april fools joke from EA would have been that they were not voted worst company for a 3rd year in a row or that they fixed betafield

  • Fango

    do you use that line for every comment you don’t like? The Wii U zombie deluxe version was on clearance at costco for 200. I thought it was a good deal but after some time with the system and the lack of games, i dont think its even worth 200 for this POS console.

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  • Clate

    OMG! i have been seeing the headlines “EA goes to far bashing Wii U” all day and finally just read an article today and this is what people are complaining about? Grow up

  • http://www.showtimeforfree.com/ miDnIghtEr20C

    So I read the Tweets. Still trying to find where the problem with them was. Sounds like a Nintendo fan got rattled.

  • Jessika S.

    On April fools you can clearly tell that this was a joke. Don’t believe anything on April fools day.

  • Edd Welch

    There is no reason to lie. I actually really enjoy my Wii U. I just bought the entire Disney Infinity collection so im looking forward to playing that also..

    No reason to be ruse just because you dont like something & others do

  • Truth

    Xbox One. That’s the joke.

  • wowzors

    EA employs douchebags basically. Nothing new.

  • all yall are faggots


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