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Supreme League of Patriots – Hands-On Preview


Supreme League of Patriots is a satirical point and click adventure brought to you by No Bull Intentions. Follow self-made hero Kyle Keever, AKA the ‘Purple Patriot’, in an attempt to make his claim to fame on America’s Got Superpowers, saving the world one blocked toilet at a time.

With not-so-helpful sidekick Mel, you must help Kyle navigate through the suburbs of New York, completing complex puzzles in an attempt to land a semi-final spot in Americas’ favourite TV show.



As with all the best point and click adventures, the controls and gameplay are simple but effective. Each scene has its own unique objects to interact with and in order to progress you must manipulate them to trigger events and dialogue. Objects can be examined to gain helpful hints, used, or ‘taken’ (put in your backpack for later use.) But even heroes have their limits. I spent the first 10 minutes of play trying to take doors and cupboards, only to be interrupted by my smart-arse sidekick, Mel.

Disclaimer: Kyle can definitely not take doors and cupboards


While doing nothing to change the landscape of point-and-click gameplay, Supreme League of Patriots does well in my books. The GUI is simple and non-evasive, dropping down when you hover over with your mouse, and it’s particularly adept at handling character progression. The puzzles are shaping up to be a genuine challenge too, though a few teeter on the edge of frustration at times – especially when you blame yourself for being so stupid for not ‘using napkin on Mel’. 

The script is solid, and the voice acting to go with it very strong. Dialogue can be lengthy at times and although you do have the option to skip through it, it is not advised. Most of the information to continue your journey is hinted through the speech and the character banter is worth your time.

No Bull Intentions has also mentioned it has ‘a commitment to ethical games development – opposing the likes of invasive DRM and cynical microtransactions’ which is a great progression in what is a rather stagnant sector. No unfair play here.


Character development is based around banter between the two major protagonists, Kyle and Mel. Mel, portrayed as the archetypal British stereotype, complete with flat-cap and cockney accent, will either be a hinderance or a helper. Kyle, on the other hand, donning a bright violet outfit and is aptly named ‘video games most awful character’, is a normal guy following his dreams to become a super-hero, but just isn’t that super. Other characters come into play later in the story, such as super-sexy love object, Nurse Julie.


Purple Patriots’ main attribute is its colourful, standout aesthetics. The Pixar like graphics and rainbow bright colours are creatively used, setting a playful tone for the gameplay to grow into. Silliness is forgiven when the canvas is set like this, which is why I REALLY wanted to put a wardrobe in my backpack…


Supreme League of Patriots is shaping up to be a fun experience. Kyle and Mel will drag you though an immersive world saving cats in trees and damsels in distress – often failing miserably. What it lacks in the high definition department, Patriots makes up for in witty dialogue and surrealism.

An original storyline, compelling character personalities and a great sense of humour mean Patriots has what it takes to be an indie darling. While the game is shaping up well, it still has a while to go before it hits the shelves. Help by green-lighting Supreme League of Patriots on Steam here.


Supreme League of Patriots is due to be out in Summer 2014, on Windows, Mac, Linux and Ipad.