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Sony On H1Z1′s Insane Difficulty: “We Think Dark Souls Is For Wimps”, May Have Playable Zombies

Sony devs have once again taken to Reddit to answer questions on upcoming zombie survival sandbox game, H1Z1, boldly stating they want the game to be very challenging and think “Dark Souls is for wimps”.

The statement comes from Sony president John Smedley in response to a user question regarding H1Z1′s difficultly. Specifically, the user asked whether the main threat in H1Z1 will come from the actual zombies, or from other human survivors in a similar manner to DayZ.

“Zombies <> “yawn” in our game. they are deadly. Many times they come in numbers. They are not to be trifled with”, writes Smedley

“We want to make a hard game. We think Dark Souls is for wimps.”

Dark Souls is renowned for being one of the toughest RPG’s on the market, so that is one hell of a claim. High difficulty levels and zombie games do seem to go hand-in-hand though; DayZ is anything but easy for new players – what with all the crazy (but hilarious!) human-on-human torture – and other popular zombie games like Project Zomboid do little to pander to casual players.

Smedley elaborates further on H1Z1′s tough difficulty levels in response to another question, this time from a Reddit user asking how weapon/item degradation will work.

“Our current thinking is damage / dying. Durability can suck hard if it becomes a pain. We want to walk the fine line between painful and fun. Admittedly a system like this is hard to make “fun” so let me substitute the word immersive.”

A discussion has also opened up on the subject of playable zombies, which was touted as a possible feature by the H1Z1 team yesterday. Concerns on how well the feature would fit a serious zombie survival game, and indeed how it could be exploited, appear to be mirrored by the SOE team, with Smedley writing:

“First of all thanks for the feedback. I read this thread and our own team is a microcosm of this debate. When we are ready and have thought it all through we will post our ideas. We may try this and hate it. It could be a server option. We do see exploit opportunities as some have rightly called out. If we can do this in a fun, non exploitable way we will try. If it ducks it goes. Don’t judge yet. Wait until we put our ideas out there. Then judge away. Right now it’s like putting salt on food you haven’t tasted yet.”

While a fun idea, some players are concerned the ‘Play as a Zombie’ mode will result in zombies showing too much intelligence and still teaming up with their non-turned friends, effectively giving them an army of drones to distract other players.

You can visit the H1Z1 sub-Reddit and get involved with the game’s discussions here.

H1Z1 was recently shown off via a livestream, which you can see here.