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Battlefield Hardline Gameplay Footage Leaks – Watch It Here

Game info is leaking faster than the Fukushima plant ahead of this year’s anticipated E3, and the new, now officially announced Battlefield game, Battlefield Hardline, has just had its second major leak in a week.

This time the leak comes in the form of a 10-minute gameplay video, which is said to be taken from an early beta build of the PC version. Hardline is billed as a multiplayer focused ‘cops vs. robbers’ take on Battlefield, so this footage of one man driving around a server by himself feels a bit pointless. Hardline looks a promising concept though, and if you want a glimpse at one of the maps, some gun fire, vehicles and windows being smashed, take a look below:

Video source: Facebook

Battlefield Hardline is under development by Visceral and DICE and lets players split into one of two groups for multiplayer mayhem – a game of robbers staging a bank hiest, or as a SWAT team trying to prevent them.

The game is scheduled to hit shelves this Autumn for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.