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About Us

Welcome to GameDevs.co

Owned by T1 Publishing Ltd, GameDevs.co is a leading video games news site based in East Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

GameDevs.co is the next step in the journey of the Thirteen1 magazine team, as we complete the transition from been a digital monthly magazine to a daily news site. New approach and new branding – exciting times!

The Journey

Originally founded as Thirteen1 Magazine in March 2008 by three gaming enthusiasts, Daniel Allen, Craig Franklin and Paddy Fellows; what began as a potential idea over a cold pint quickly developed into a stellar (that’s ‘stellar’, not ‘stella’..we’re all ale drinkers here!) business idea.
The idea behind the site was a simple one – to provide gaming news and reviews written by gamers, for gamers. But unlike other similiar websites, two key points would set T1 apart from the crowd:

1) The main news and features would be delivered in a completely free, browser-based magazine with shelf magazine production values.

2) All areas of the industry would be given fair and unique coverage. ‘AAA’ games may have excellent graphics, but that doesn’t mean they’re any more fun to play than an indie browser game coded by 1 guy in his underpants.

With this in mind, the team set about writing the first issue of Thirteen1, which launched on the 13th April 2008.

From there the project grew, and with the help of several volunteers and new crew members Daniel Gowen and Craig Albeck – affectionately called Craig 2 (or sometimes just simply, Number 2) around the office – T1 stepped up to the next level. A new website soon followed, allowing the T1 team to provide daily news updates as well as the on-going monthly magazine.

Thirteen1 eventually increased its output to encompass a daily magazine, T1 Daily, which launched in May 2012. T1 Daily was released every Monday-Friday, featuring choice news articles and features from the day, impressively turned into a magazine format and delivered straight to subscribers inboxes.

Becoming GameDevs.co

The landscape of the gaming industry, news resources and the internet as a whole is constantly changing. Unfortunately, the ability to get news instantly means magazines are slowly dying. You’ve probably noticed some of your favourite childhood publications vanish from the shelves and even digital magazines like Thirteen1 were not immune to this trend.

Since the name Thirteen1 was linked to the magazine’s output schedule – releasing 13th of the month at 1pm – it didn’t make much sense to maintain this name once the publication was permanently shelved. So, in June 2014, Thirteen1 permanently switched its name.

The new branding you see today, GameDevs.co, allows for instant recognition. We are a news site that delivers the latest games industry developments, whether it’s breaking news, reviews, hard-hitting features or just a bit of viral fun.

Our new mission statement is quite simply this: if it’s a developing story, we’re covering it.

If you ever have a news tip, general question or simply want to get in touch with the team, feel free to Contact Us at any time.