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Jagex have announced that there free-to-play third-person multiplayer player game, Transformers Universe, will be opening its doors to everyone tomorrow.

The game, which is set in the Transformers: Prime timeline, sees players taking control of Autobots or Decepticons as all out war unfolds. once you pick a side you must fight in online battles to earn relics, the in-game currency, which are used to recruit new warriors to fight as, buy upgrades and Resprays. You can also use real money to buy these upgrades aswell.

If you want to get in the beta early and get yourself some goodies as well, head over to the website to buy on of the three founders pack.

David Gaider, Dragon Age’s lead series writer has revealed the serise first “fully gay” party member, a mage that will be accompanying you on your journey though Dragon Age: Inquisition.

“Dorian is gay – he is, in fact, the first fully gay character I’ve had the opportunity to write,” said David Gaider on the Dragon Age website.

“I suppose this aspect of Dorian will make him controversial in some corners, but I was glad to include it. It made writing Dorian a very personal experience for me,” Gaider added, “and I’m hopeful that will make him seem like a fully realised character to fans in the end.”

Since the post on the website David Gaider has been criticised on Twitter for his use of the phrase “fully gay”. “I meant ‘legitimately’, sorry,” he said. “I was trying to be clear – many people consider the bi characters we’ve done to be ‘gay’.”

Then when been challenged that “legitimately” wasn’t any better then “fully gay”, and why not just say “first gay companion I’ve written”, Gaider answered: “Many would say, ‘No, it’s not.’ But fair enough – I did not intend to comment on bisexuality, and will leave it at that.”


Publisher Activision and Developers Magic Pockets have announced the development of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game is in development for the 3DS.

The game is going to be a a third-person action game exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. The story will tie in with the new Michael Bay-produced movie.

The game is described as a fast-moving hack-and-slasher with RPG like elements such as switching between the four turtles and leveling them up to gain abilities and stat points and even craft new weapons.

Also release are a couple of screenshots which can be viewed below


Sony Online Entertainment’s free to play first person shooter mmo, PlanetSide 2, has had an update that added a new continent for players to explore and conquer.

The map is called Hossin and is the fourth playable zone in the game and is a infantry-friendly swamp map.

“With swamp-like terrain and natural barriers, players combat skills will be challenged like never before,” PlanetSide 2 creative director has Matt Higby said. “Facilities and bases are scattered throughout, making infantry combat the most important it’s ever been.”

The map still has work to be done on it but players can jump in and play now. Sony Online Entertainment will use feedback from the players to finalise the map.

Another addition in the update is the “ownership” system, where player made outfits that get involved in capturing a base and contribute the most can claim the base as there own after the battle.

EA and Maxis have released another trailer for the upcoming life simulator, The Sims 4, showing off some gameplay while promoting smarter Sims and weirder stories.

The trailer isn’t long but shows how the Sims will have more personality this time round, with the traits having more of an effect then in previous games.

Also shown off was how these personal traits could lead to weirder situation such as playing a sad songs after having a bad day and someone throwing a drink in your face.

EA has already released a couple of trailers, including the new & improved build mode trailer and the crazy detailed create a sim trailer.


Destructive first-person cat sim hits target with time to spare

Destructive first-person Cat Simulator game, Catlateral Damage, has reached its Kickstarter goal with 11 days of funding still to go.

The original target for the game was $45,000, which has been achieved following a strong reception on the indie scene with a demo released last year.

Hitting stretch goals looks likely for Catlateral Damage now. Creator Chris Chung says he will include bonus levels at $48,000 and $56,000, Steam intergration at $70,000, a pet store at $85,000 and a PlayStation 4 version at $100,000.

The game is a first-person destructive cat simulator where you play as a cat on a rampage, knocking as much of your owner’s stuff onto the ground as possible. You can play the demo version of the game here.


Deep Silver have released a trailer for the first ZOMBA game, Dead Island: Epidemic, showing how the game works and what to expect when you jump into the zombie filled gamemodes.

Dead Island: Epidemic, the Free-to-Play game is currently in Closed Beta. If you can’t wait to jump in and play you can purchases one of the 3 digital Early Access starter packs on steam, which are on sale until the 30 June.

Check out our preview of Dead Island: Epidemic here.

About Dead Island Epidemic
Booming Action: You have direct control over your hero. No Last Hitting, mouse-click-to-move nonsense here – it’s you, good ol’ WASD, and your trigger finger, making it easy to hop in, no muss, no fuss. No idea what any of that means? No problem. All you need to know is that you need to point your crosshairs towards anyone and anything not on your team!

Battle Royale: Epidemic’s core mode features 3 teams of 12 battling it out in a competition to grab supplies, hold key points, outsmart the competition and blast through hordes of zombies.

Craft Deadly Weapons: Fan favorite crafting is here from Dead Island, helping you get the edge (pun intended) on the competition and build an arsenal to suit your playstyle!
Dead Island: Epidemic features a wild array of weapons that you can build from blueprints and parts that you acquire from matches. Build your favorite weapon and improve it as you work on evolving into the ultimate survivor!


Rebellion has announced a very Limited Special Edition of Sniper Elite 3 for PC, with only 1000 copies been made.

Exclusive to Rebellion Gamestore, the version of the game is packed with hundreds of pounds worth of content, including a host of rare collectibles and merchandise, many of which can’t be found in any other edition of the game, as well as the game itself and access to all future DLC.

The Sniper Elite 3 Limited Special Edition contents:

  • Sniper Elite 3 PC game supplied on 2 DVDs.
  • Access to ALL current and future Sniper Elite 3 PC DLC packs.
  • Bespoke game tin protected by an individually numbered card sleeve.
  • Wax-sealed secret dossier including: tank & weapon schematics, maps of North Africa, spotter’s guides and more!
  • A5 card hand-signed by members of the Sniper Elite 3 development team.
  • Limited edition t-shirt.
  • Hand-illustrated playing cards representing American, British, Italian and German forces.
  • A2 firing range poster.
  • 6 x original Sniper Elite 3 postcards.
  • Woven Sniper Elite 3 badge with heat activated adhesive backing.
  • Printed Instruction manual.

The version will ship on the game’s June 27th worldwide PC launch and is priced £89.99. If you want to get all this you better be quick, once they are gone, they are gone forever.


Orcs Must Die! Unchained, an upcoming PvP orientated Tower Defence/Attack game based on the Orcs Must Die franchise, gets closed beta date along with a awesome little trailer.

So far Robot Entertainment’s Orcs Must Die games have all been single player, with Orcs Must Die 2 getting coop aswell, but Orcs Must Die! Unchained looks to break the patten and this time focus on player vs player combat while still keeping the games tower/trap defence gameplay features.

You can sign up for the beta now at http://en.omd.gameforge.com/#/ or if you want to garentee beta access as well as get some cool goodies, you can head over to http://en.omd.gameforge.com/founderspack.html#/ to buy one of three founders packs. all the founder packs even come with all previous Orcs Must Die games, Orcs Must Die!, Orcs Must Die! 2 and all their expansions on Steam.

Now thats a great place to start if your new to the series.


The Fifa World Cup has started and everyone has gone football crazy, but if football is not your thing maybe the upcoming squash game on Nintendo Wii, PSA World Tour Squash might tickle your fancy.

Alternative Software, the studio behind the title have release the trailer below to show off the game.

The studio say they are “bring the intensity and feeling of a real squash game into your living room. With a unique control system and a variety of game modes, PSA World Tour Squash offers a challenge for both squash fans, and new players alike.”

The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but is said to be released this year.