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Mojang PC indie game giant Minecraft makes it’s way to the Xbox 360 console exclusively this winter.

It was revealed at E3 that Minecraft will be heading over to Xbox 360 for the Kinect, but wait a minute — hasn’t this already been done? Not exactly but hackers did manage to make a script to make a copy of yourself into the Minecraft world.

So you would only assume that the developers behind the Kinect version may take some inspiration from this and add a feature like that into the game.

Notch stated that “There’s a new team working on that version, we’re still doing the PC and mobile versions. More details coming later.”via Twitter. So there’ll be a different set of developers for the Kinect version.


    Uh-oh… Microsoft have somehow accidentally listed all of their E3 announcements.

    These announcements just happened to include probably one of the biggest for any fans of the Halo franchise. Halo 4. Also there will be a Halo: Anniversary Edition.

    Xbox.com had also briefly listed the pair of new Halo titles, Dance Central 2, Kinect Sports Season 2, Kinect Fun Labs and a Kinect title called ‘Ryse’.

    The official Xbox site read:“The news millions of Halo fans have waited for: Halo 4 is on the way. But that’s not all…” before having the listings swiftly pulled.


    The new adventure game allows players to bring their toys to life across multiple platforms.

    Activision have revealed today that Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, will be an entertainment breakthrough for the video game and toy industries.

    It will deliver the first-ever cross-platform gameplay experience across all three consoles, 3DS, a variety of mobile devices, PC and the web.

    Using the game’s Portal of Power, players will bring their Skylanders interaction figures to life inside the game on any platform. During console and handheld gameplay, each Skylander remembers skill advancements and level-ups through the on-board memory, allowing players to take their leveled-up Skylanders to play on any of the other platforms.


      This new first person shooter project will be unveiled next week at E3 behind closed doors

      Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a wholly owned US subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), announced today its partnership with Zombie Studios to publish its next-generation, adrenaline-pumping first person shooter (FPS) Blacklight Retribution.

      A sequel to Zombie Studio’s Tango Down, Blacklight Retribution will be shown for the first time at this year’s E3 (June 7 – 9) in the West Hall, Booth #5322 for a behind-closed doors first hands-on to select media.


      For The First Time, The Sims Brings Fully Controllable Pets To Console, Handheld and on PC/Mac

      Man’s best friend is now your Sim’s best friend. The EA Play Label of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced The Sims 3 Pets, the newest title from the critically-acclaimed studio that created The Sims 3.

      The Sims 3 Pets enables anyone to play as they want, whether it’s the builder who creates the ultimate pet sanctuary, the achiever who solves all the mysteries in town, the experimenter who has a lone Sim and a house full of cats, or the storyteller who expresses himself through the adventures of his Sims and their pets.

      It will be an entirely new standalone game for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, Nintendo 3DS and an expansion pack for the PC/Mac computer systems.


        Chapter II: Revenge of Aizen update still promoting quick-levelling

        Publisher NGames have announced extensions for two of Pockie Ninja’s popular events, rewarding users with in-game gifts for their progression and skill. NGames put on a “show of strength” display with humans vs. characters battle to demonstrate how powerful players can get.

        Free-to-play anime-inspired MMO, Pockie Ninja has extended two of its main events by popular player demand. The “New Challenge in Las Noches” and the “Level-Up” events, both originally due to expire in May, have been extended to June 15th and June 30th respectively.

        Each event rewards players with a bundle of gifts for their in-game activity.
        The New Challenge in Las Noches event represents the pinnacle of Pockie Ninja’s martial arts mastery, challenging players to pass level 160 in the Las Noches building – a huge tower with increasingly difficult challenges awaiting users on every level/floor. Until June 15th, the first 3 players to reach level 160 on each server will be giving luxurious in-game gifts

        Meanwhile, players will be rewarded simply for enjoying the Naruto/Bleach-inspired brawler, with prizes set to be handed out to everyone reaching level 70+ before June 30th. Mini-ninjas can bag 1 of 3 separate bundles of rewards, depending on whether they reach level 70+, 75+ or the top-end level 80.


          Publisher EA has today launched a direct rival to leading PC digital distribution portal Steam.

          Called Origin and described as “direct-to-consumer gaming platform”, the etailer launches with over 150 titles to choose from. It will also be the only outlet from which certain limited editions of EA titles such as Battlefield 3, Star Wars: the Old Republic and FIFA 12 can be purchased.

          Customers can also download the Origin beta application – a Steam-rivalling desktop client that as well as offering easy access to content will also offer friends networking.


            Gearbox Software and 2K Games have today announced a free surprise for Duke Nukem First Access Club Members; free multiplayer DLC.

            You’ll be pleased to know that if you’re part of the“First Access Club,” (those who preordered the game from 2K and Gearbox or bought the Borderlands GOTY edition) you will get “the very first Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer downloadable add-on for free!”

            The details are vague but it has been said that it’s “a full DLC. Not some silly skin.”, this is according to a Kotaku source.


            Activision are now taking sign-ups for this summer’s Call of Duty Elite beta.

            You can do this ahead of the subscription service’s full rollout on November 8 alongside Modern Warfare 3.

            Officially announced this afternoon, Call of Duty Elite will chronicle a player’s gameplay history in a career record, keeping track of every kill, every game and match progress.

            Activision says that “many key features of Call of Duty Elite will be available to Call of Duty players free of charge,” although others will require a paid subscription.