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Turkeysaladboy is our whirlwind PR guy. When not talking on Skype or making new industry friends at trade shows, you will find him exploring new Facebook games.


Bangin’ music, flashing lights, scantily-clad cosplay girls, and enough energy drink to power a Left 4 Dead zombie army. An average weekend in the Thirteen1 office? Not quite. This is E3 baby! We sent Turkeysaladboy off to LA and all he came back with.. was his alternative picks from this years carnival of gaming. Be prepared, we did mention alternative.

SouthPeak Interactive/TopWare Interactive, Two Worlds II.
OK, I’m not too hot with numbers, so bare with me. Two Worlds II is the sequel to Two Worlds, an open world RPG in the style of Oblivion that made its début on the PC in 2007. According to the PR squadron on the show floor – including the unrelenting Jake DiGennaro – Polish development studio, Reality Pump scrapped original plans for an expansion to the original game. Instead, they sought to create a sequel with an entirely new engine, Grace, with simultaneous platform development factored in from the start. That’s right, no lazy ports being offered from Reality Pump.


    Thousands of players are being offered opportunities to claim extra special gifts as part of the open beta for the colourful Anime-styled MMORPG, Fairy Story Online. To claim the items new players simply have to register a free account and login to earn $ 15 USD of in-game currency.

    And the magic doesn’t stop there. Players that have the guts to challenge quirky monsters in particular maps will also have the chance to win a big gift worth $ 300 USD of in-game currency. New players should take encouragement in the ease at which its possible to claim their big effort at the first attempt – the Little Troublemakers family that threaten the peace of Sunshine City can run, but they cannot hide.

    Marketing Director of Ngames commented, “We’re absolutely delighted at the number of new player sign-ups during the open beta. The passion of the players is evident: we’ve seen players rank as high as level 37 only several days in to the beta”.


    Swedish-based independent games developer, The Bearded Ladies, are proud to announce the launch of their retro-inspired helicopter-adventure game Landit Bandit on the PlayStation®3 Network

    The feel-good digital game of the summer has finally landed. Literally. Join eccentric characters Marley and Lander, as well as hot island babes and Tommy Gun-wielding penguins in Landit Bandit: a retro-looking, 3D casual-physics-based-helicopter game now available on the PlayStation®3 Network priced at a mouth-watering 12.99 Euros.

    Landit Bandit has the depth of a cool-blue ocean and offers gameplay to suit a universal audience. Players can compete for the high-score on the global leaderboard – as well as battle head-to-head in 6 unique duels – or work co-operatively across a 20-level campaign against the backdrop of gorgeous 3D levels ranging from the picturesque desert islands to the cool, ice-filled tundra, each packed with enough humour to keep you laughing out loud from one level to the next.

    David Skarin, CTO of The Bearded Ladies is elated at the release,

    “To have our game on the PlayStation®3 Network is great. Its a testimony to the hard work and raw talent of our small independent studio. We’ve defeated a string of self-imposed, gruelling milestones and overcome technical challenges akin to the cerebral workout being offered in the game that would leave any bearded lady weeping. The release brings joy to our hearts, although the real excitement is going to come in monitoring the reaction of the players”.


    UK independent multi-platform game developer, Strawdog Studios is proud to announce that its eagerly awaited classically addictive Arcade game, Space Ark on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for Xbox 360, has left earth’s atmosphere priced at 800 points.

    A colourful, original arcade action game harking back to the golden age of ‘one more go’ gaming running through its DNA, Space Ark is that classic title, which is easy to play yet difficult to master for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

    To see the elite arkonauts in action, view the brand new trailer at: bit.ly/spacearknowlive

    The trailer and screenshots can also be downloaded from:  http://www.strawdogstudios.com/incoming/space_ark_trailer_4.zip



      Swedish-based independent games developer, The Bearded Ladies talk about the exciting casual-helicopter-adventure-game, Landit Bandit for the PlayStation®3 Network in their latest developer diary.

      The second episode of The Bearded Ladies developer diaries is now ready! Meet the developers behind the soon-to-be-released casual-helicopter-adventure game, Landit Bandit. Hear about their story, visions and ideas. Be prepared to be knocked down by their charisma, as much as the outstanding qualities of the game.

      The second diary will reveal more about the gameplay experience in Landit Bandit where you play as pilot, Marley – one of the central characters – and interact with a group of eccentric islanders. The new diary will also reveal more about the unique environments. Discover 6 gorgeous levels in a journey through Paradise, Ice worlds, to the Rock Mountains and back in time to a retro 2D Cave world.



      Thirteen1 readers will hopefully recognise that we love animals. The badger is a favourite and adopted mascot – just see the previous few editions. But even the bar-code bear of the night has its place when there are meerkats involved. And thanks to Lapland Studios, we have been blessed with an opportunity to fulfil our animal desires with the adorable WiiWare title, Lead The Meerkats. With its skillful blend of simulation and RTS gameplay, and at just 1,000 points, its ‘simples’ but value for money.

      The bright colours and catchy bass line seize the attention right from the intro screen. The palette of colours featured here, and throughout the game, are evocative of the sun-scorched desert, the setting for what should be a radiant simulation of humble meerkat life.


      Swedish-based bohemian independent games developer, The Bearded Ladies, are set to land their casual-helicopter-adventure-game, Landit Bandit on the PlayStation®3 Network on June 23rd.

      Stand back. Stand well back, as much in admiration as out of fear, as the rotating blades of casual-helicopter-adventure game, Landit Bandit are coming to the PlayStation®3 Network. Just don’t expect a smooth landing.

      Play the role of Marley, a laid-back islander that’s had a peaceful life turned upside down with the explosive arrival of Lander, an unscrupulous art dealer. Help Lander fly his way back to The Big City by navigating a wooden helicopter, constructed out of the complete collection of Da-vinci paintings, across 6 gorgeous, 3D in-game worlds. Each game world is unique and comes with a new skillset to learn, which will ensure refreshing gameplay and keep players gripped to their PlayStation®3 controllers.


      We take a look at The Game Creators, and how their elasticated suit of user-friendly game creation tools are feeding the insatiable appetite of independent games developers.

      fpsc_showcaseWith the growing number of independent-friendly digital platforms: XBLA Indie, Steam, iPhone, and more recently, the iPad – there has never been a more attractive opportunity for solo, or small teams of passionate independent games developers to get their own games out to the masses. The recent State of Independence conference in York was dedicated to self-publishing, featuring inspiring talks from a gaggle of games companies that have carved our reputations in the digital space – all licked up like catnip by a success hungry audience. Don’t worry if you missed out though, because we captured the day’s epic activities (from start-to-finish) in the May issue of Thirteen1

      Strip back what is involved in the development of a game and you’ll find it’s a Russian Doll-like structure of design, coding, art, animation and sound. And that’s before you even plan how to get the message out and capture sales. Still daunted (queue heinous cackling)? You shouldn’t be. Enter The Game Creators, a UK-based patriarch of the bedroom coders. The Game Creators have been providing a suit of user-friendly game creation software for the past 25 years. Their dedicated team bring affordable and easy to use software tools that enable first-timers, or seasoned hobbyists, to create games and reach millions.


        Britain’s leading business network, GameHorizon rolls out the big guns for the definitive conference of the summer.

        jesse222_w_creditFormer Creative Director of Disney Imagineering, Jesse Schell has been named as one of the top speakers for the 2010 GameHorizon Conference taking place at The Sage , Gateshead over June 29 -30. Schell, one of the masterminds behind child-friendly virtual world, Toontown Online joins gaming canons: Nils Holger Henning, COO of browsed-based behemoth, Bigpoint; self-publicist and Britsoft games industry legend, Peter Molyneux; and P!NK’s drummer, Mark Schulman. All will bang the drum about the exhilarating future of the industry and offer something unique to a conference program bursting with unmissable characters and touch-points.

        Schell is an engaging speaker with genuinely thought-provoking ideas about where the games industry is going and how games will enrich and change our everyday lives. Shcell is also a cracking games designer and author of “The Art of Game Design: A book of lenses”. Schell’s talk, “Roadmap to the Gamepocalypse”, will delve into the details of how games and reality are likely to mix in the near future, and what that means for designers.


          UK based games software publisher, The Game Creators encourage independent games developers the world over to create and self-publish games for platforms like the Intel App Store using their accessible game creation software, DarkBasic Professional and DarkGDK.

          iphonedownloadsWith user-friendly game creation software, DarkBasic Professional and flagship game development package, DarkGDK, The Game Creators provide the necessary tools and support for the growing ranks of games development enthusiasts to create quality content with a reach in the millions. Intel’s new digital platform, AppUp Store, bundled with millions of Intel powered Netbooks, is being projected to rival the magnetism of Apple’s App Store, and will enable creators to accelerate brand recognition and monetise their own games.

          Independent gamers can also publish their original creations through The Game Creators pipeline – perfect for those new to Intel’s submission process. The Game Creators bring an unrivalled experience in the development of sticky games on multiple platforms, from testing and building a robust application, to marketing the product effectively. This paternal support will inspire new entrants to games development with the confidence to achieve success.