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Dragonica Advanced Pack Giveaway

We’ve teamed up with gPotato to offer you the chance to claim this awesome Advanced Package for T1-favourite MMO – Dragonica!
The package is rammed with in-game goodies and has a value of around €8.

Don’t know about Dragonica? You should, it’s one of T1’s favourite MMO’s. It plays like the arcade style side-scrolling classics of old, boasts 65 levels, real-time action-based combat (with some wicked combos), and loads of missions to play through with your mates!

The awesome Advanced Package Includes:

3x Exp Potion x2 (1 hr)
-Increase EXP gain by 100%
– 1 hour duration
– applies to monster kills only
– potions do not stack
– effect cannot be cancelled

20x Reinforced Megaphone
-Broadcast a message across the channel

1x HP Eternity Potion(M)
-Health potion that heals up to 100% with each application.
-Total HP amount: 50,000
-1 charge consists of 100 HP
-1 application uses many charges
-4 sec cool-down

1x MP Eternity Potion(M)
-Mana potion that restores up to 100% with each application.
-Total MP amount: 50,000
-1 charge consists of 100 MP
-1 application uses many charges
-4 sec cool-down

To claim your code now, simply enter your email address in the form at the bottom of this page and wait for your code to appear.

Afterwards, you’ll need to follow these instructions to claim your Advanced Package in-game:

– Copy your code and visit the Coupon Manager “Gatto”. You can find him at any town in Dragonica, for example in Odelia, the place where every player starts their adventure when creating a new character.

– Talk to him by left-clicking, or pressing spacebar while standing next to him.

– Click on “Coupon Registration”.

– Choose the event which is related to your coupon.

– Click on “Prize Item” or alternatively press F1.

– You will now see a pop-up window where you’re asked to enter your coupon.

– Submit your coupon and press “OK” or F1.

– You will now receive the items into your inventory.