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    Team Buttfighters is psyched to announce the release of LAZA KNITEZ!! a local multiplayer deathmatch game with a minimalist aesthetic and maximum awesome. 

    LAZA KNITEZ!! is an arcade-style deathmatch game with an irreverent sense of humour. It has a space horse techno soundtrack, 8-bit graphics, and sound effects tuned to a pentatonic scale so all slaughter takes place with maximum harmony. The XXL version includes “CRAZINESS” mode, which records the sounds players make and alters the game speed in response to their howls of victory and defeat, as well as the ability to modify almost every gameplay parameter from base speed to player names.

    The game is now available on any Flash-capable OS in a two player web version available on the website, a free downloadable shareware version for four players and an XXL version available by donation.  Featuring a ten-second learning curve, the game’s design brings deathmatch to the masses (even your parents) while supporting high-level competitive play.Read More in Today’s Issue of T1 Daily


      Mafia MMO reinvents its deadliest version, and relaunches in Portuguese/Brazilian in the same day

      Omerta Game LTD have unleashed two new and improved versions of their popular browser-based game, Omerta. The Godfather of Mafia MMO’s has elevated its quick-ranking, war heavy Deathmatch version to new heights, while also relaunching it’s dedicated Portuguese/Brazilian language version.