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The 100% free-to-read September issue of Thirteen1 is available now, keeping your Autumn blues at bay with crazy shooters, head scratching strategy sims, previews of upcoming gems and free to enter competitions. Summer eh..who needs it!

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This month sees T1 dabble in the shady lie of crime, as 2K Games’ gangster sequel Mafia II dominates the front cover. Does the series’ next-gen debut outing deserve your respect? Or should it be cast aside and left sleeping with the fishes?
The heist and gun play fun doesn’t stop there either, with Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days bursting onto the scene in a bid to right the wrongs of the original. They’re actually looking pretty good for a couple of dead men..

And if that isn’t enough run-and-gun fun for you, the frenetic action continues with a special preview of Natural Selection 2, an epic upcoming FPS from Unknown Worlds Entertainment, as well as a review of MMO-shooter Global Agenda, which was recently released in the UK and has adopted the growingly popular free-to-play model. Guns, explosions, crimes and robots…it doesn’t get much better than this!

The 100% free-to-read August issue of Thirteen1 is available now, featuring more reviews, previews and original features than you can shake a C.O.G Lancer’s chainsaw at!

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, August’s cover star is StarCraft II, the sequel to Blizzard’s genre-defining RTS, which has finally burst onto the scene after 12 years of agonising anticipation. But does T1’s self-confessed fan-boy think it was worth the wait? And just what did he get up to at the midnight launch event in London? You’ll find the answer to both right here in the latest issue.

The upcoming Nintendo 3DS is the talk of gaming-town right now, so Thirteen1 decided it was high time to get hands-on with the device themselves. The DrunkenGamer brings you his honest report of just how effective the handheld console is, as well as his take on some of the games you can expect to play on it. All in mind-boggling 3D!
He also got the chance to look at some of the titles shaping the Wii’s future, including Metroid Prime: Other M, Donkey Kong Country Returns, GoldenEye 007, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and more. So much gaming goodness..and T1’s got it all covered for you.

In fact, this month’s issue of Thirteen1 is packed with reviews and previews, from Frima’s surprisingly polished PSN title, Young Thor, to a hands-on with FunCom’s latest MOBA (that’s Massive Online Battle Arena, if you didn’t know), Bloodline Champions, and a full tilt look at Youda Games fascinating casual poker game sequel, Governor of Poker II. It’s poker ‘and’ a proper game!

The South African fun is over, and unless you’re lucky enough to be Spanish (or don’t care about football), you’ll undoubtedly be nursing some kind of World Cup hurt..

Luckily, as always, gaming is here to act as a shining light in the darkest of times, and the 100% free-to-read July issue of Thirteen1 magazine is now available, covering all of the month’s top gaming releases.
There really is little reason to be down with all of this finger-bashing fun to be had.

The much anticipated Crackdown 2 has finally jumped onto the scene, and right onto the front cover of Thirteen1, probably leaping over a massive skyscraper while firing a rocket launcher in mid-air to get there. Does it live up to expectations? Check out T1’s extensive review of all things super-powered to find out.

EA have fittingly released FIFA Online just in time for everyone to right their personal international wrongs, so T1 has jumped straight in there to cover it with a beta hands-on. Will it prove as popular as it’s console counterpart?

The DrunkenGamer has had a great time flying around Cataclysm, the latest mind-blowing expansion for Blizzard’s World of WarCraft, and wishes you was there so much that he’s put together a brand new feature, Wish You Were Here, showing you all of the best areas before it’s released.