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    The new issue of T1 Daily is available now, bringing you the best of today’s gaming news in magazine format!

    The 4th July 2012 issue of Thirteen1 includes:

    TERA – Huge Update Income
    -The Graphically Insane MMO is About to Get Even Better

    Forza Motorsport 4 July Pack DLC
    -Pretty Pictures of Cars to Get Your Engines Revving!

    Countdown: Gaming’s Most Disappointing Sequels
    -The Most Disappointing Follow-Ups to Our Favourite Games. Ever.

    Opinion: Did Radical Close Because inFamous was Better than Prototype
    -Evidence Suggests Maybe!

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    Microsoft is to launch a brand new official steering wheel accessory for the Xbox 360.

    Called the Wireless Speed Wheel, the peripheral features all standard controller buttons aside from analogue sticks and bumpers, as well as haptic feedback and rumble.

    Presumably, as it has no static base it will control via internal motion sensing tech, much like the iPhone or Wii.

    The Wireless Speed Wheel will be launched in the UK this October and will retail for £44.99.