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The demonic first person shooter Painkiller: Hell and Damnation is now available on the Xbox 360 and PS3 for £24.99.

The game features 14 adrenaline fuelled levels and 4 huge boss battles alongside one level exclusive to each platform which will require all your speed, guile and hell spawned weapons to get through alive.

Players will assume the role of Daniel Garner, a plaything of both heaven and hell, he must fight his way past hordes of demons on the path to be reunited with his wife Catherine.


    Undead Labs has released an excellent new trailer and confirmed the release date for State of Decay, an upcoming zombie survival FPS. The game is set to land on XBLA and PC this June.

    It’s tough for a zombie game to stand out amongst the hordes of undead releases these days, but State of Decay does just that. Currently in development by Undead Labs, which is fronted by ArenaNet founder and World of Warcraft co-creator, Jeff Strain – State of Decay is an interesting project for three big reasons.

    First up, it’s a zombie sandbox game built on CryEngine 3that focuses more on survival tactics than manic shooting, putting it more on a par with DayZ than, say, Left 4 Dead. Here, players make their stand by designing and fortifying a home base, performing daring raids for food and ammunition, and rescue other playable survivors with unique talents. It’s also a single-player game, which removes that all-too-easy DayZ comparison and puts it more in line with..well, nothing else really, except for maybe Project Zomboid. But this is first-person, Zomboid wasn’t..

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    Animantz and Dysotek have announced Deadly Walkers, their new gaming title for Mac and PC. Deadly Walkers is a zombie FPS that transports the player to a new dimension of horror.

    It gives the feel and the breathless emotions of old zombie movies, like Dawn of the Dead. For the first time ever the player will fight against real zombies, hordes of undead creatures that slowly will surround him and that can be stopped by a gunshot to the head.


      The new website, Bundle Stars, announced today that it is giving thousands of PC gamers the chance to download not one, but two free PC games.

      The two free games included are, Vivisector: Beast Within, from 1C Games, is a frenzied first-person shooter set on a covert military installation where experimental human-animal hybrid solider roam wild. Players are pitted against the bizarre and unpredictable beasts of Soreo Isle in over 16 levels.


        We do love a good infographic here at T1 – they just make reading more fun.

        First-person shooter (FPS) games may be frowned upon for promoting franchises and lacking creativity, but it doesn’t change the fact that the genre is in high demand. War games such as Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II are a dominant mainstream genre that are both highly coveted and criticized. While popular FPS games meet the demands of the masses, uniquely developed and creative games fall beneath the radar. Despite any backlash, FPS games such as the upcoming “Crysis 3″ hit the market hard and keep die-hard gamers happy and entertained.

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          Wild Games Studio have released a short story trailer for their coming survival FPS Day One: Gary’s Incident.

          Friday September 13th 2013, Garry a good husband and father that had a life and a future. You play as Garry a bush pilot that will end up in a nightmare, loss of his family, a crash in an ancient amazon wilderness, your strength lies in the hope of surviving the day.


          New update and map pack available now to Steam players!

          Coffee Stain Studios has released a new update for their sci-fi action tower-defence game, Sanctum, which is available on Steam. You can read our review of Sanctum from earlier this year, by clicking here.

          The new patch, named “Still Alive” is a free update that adds two new towers (Drone and Accelerator), as well as a brand new weapon, the Tesla Gun.

          Also available is “Sanctum – Map Pack 2” which adds in three new levels to the game (Industry, Chasm, and Invasion), each with their own new challenges through never before tested layouts.

          Sanctum – Map Pack 2 is available now for $4.99 on Steam. To celebrate the release, all Sanctum DLC (including Map Pack 2) will be available for 20% off for a limited time.

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            Could this be the Fallout MMO everyone has been waiting for?

            Last night ZeniMax and Battlecry Studios announced that a new development studio, Battlecry Studio, housed in Austin, Texas, will be creating a new online game. Lead by Rich Vogel, the executive producer for Star Wars: The old Republic and a veteran of games such as Star wars: Galaxies, Battlecry is currently getting a team together.

            Bethesda have said they require a team of professionals for Battlecry, including one with the job title of ’Monetisation Designer’. The platform lead advert claimed they were looking for someone who can design and implement micro transaction systems who must have a passion for online games.


              Could Ravaged become the team-based, tactical, crazy MMOFPS we are all hoping for? Perhaps. Something to give COD and Battlefield a run for their money? Probably not. Ravaged has an undoubted level of potential buried beneath its current crop of beta bugs. With some time to correct and improve gameplay before launch, it could become something special. Could. But there’s a lot to do.

              Developed by 2 Dawn Studios, Ravaged takes place after a catastrophic climate change has devastated the earth and ripped out any semblance of order. Mercenaries, warlords, and madmen roam the streets in an on-going power struggle, while a resistance has emerged hoping to put the madness on the surface to bed. This is where you come in, once you’ve pledged your alliance to either the Scavengers or the Resistance.

              Gameplay takes place in 32-man maps designed for equal parts vehicular combat and dramatic effect. Each map captures the essence of the post-apocalyptic setting, with desolate dusty landscapes and snow covered cities wonderfully crafted with realistic looking upturned cars and abandoned factories – setting the stage for some grungy post-apoc combat.

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                To celebrate the launch of Anna, the horror adventure game from developers Dreampainters, Kalypso Media Digital has today released a chilling new trailer showing some of the eerie locations and brain twisting puzzles you can expect to find on your quest through the human psyche.

                Anna is available to purchase for PC now through Kalypso’s digital distribution partners for £7.99/€9.99/$9.99. A Mac version will follow soon.

                Anna is a first-person horror adventure that explores the darkest depths of the human psyche. Set in an abandoned sawmill nestled high in the mountains, Anna challenges you to uncover horrific clues and use them to solve puzzles related to your character’s dark past. As you play, Anna will change locations and unveil new secrets. The way you play will not only determine the mental health of your main character, but will also lead to one of three possible endings.


                A haunting tale of psychological terror
                Three possible endings, each determined by the player’s actions in the storyline
                Physics-based environmental puzzles
                A faithful 3D recreation of the Italian countryside and a sinister sawmill that await your exploration
                Atmospheric soundtrack
                Brain-twisting puzzles to solve and horrific clues to uncover

                The digital version of Anna will also include the following bonus material:

                Photos of the real-world sawmill location
                Complete soundtrack
                Main character’s notebook in English and Italian