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Time to get your looting hats back on, Gearbox Software has announced we are going to the moon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Well, Pandora’s moon – but still!

The new game was revealed on the official Gearbox website today, saying:

Set between Borderlands and Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel lets you play as four all-new character classes fighting alongside Handsome Jack, witnessing his transformation into the ruthless tyrant we all loved to hate in Borderlands 2, and assisting with the rise of the Hyperion Corporation.

The signature shoot ‘n’ loot gameplay of the Borderlands series expands with the addition of low-gravity and oxygen-powered jetpack combat, the icy ‘Cryo’ elemental damage type, the deadly laser weapon class, and new vehicles to help you explore the diverse lunar landscape.

The four new playable character classes are all familiar faces from the Borderlands universe: Athena the Gladiator (The Secret Armory of General Knoxx), Wilhelm the Enforcer (the robotic badass of Borderlands 2), Nisha the Lawbringer (The Sheriff of Lynchwood in Borderlands 2), and yes, even Claptrap the Fragtrap (from just about everywhere… unfortunately).

Surprisingly, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is only coming to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, with no mention of PS4 or Xbox One counterparts. The game is scheduled to hit shelves “this fall”, and will be shown off at PAX East this coming weekend at the 2K booth. So expect more details then.

Sony’s handheld console, PlayStation Vita, is gathering new momentum thanks toa number of PS3 ports and PS4 integration under its belt.

One of the latest games to make the jump onto the handheld is Gearbox’s third-person RPG loot-fest, Borderlands 2. Footage of the game running on PlayStation Vita has surfaced online, thanks to AtomixVG filming it at GDC 2014, where the upcoming port is currently on show.

Although the game takes quite a while to load in the footage, it should be noted this is only work-in-progress code, so take that into consideration. Overall, the game looks surprisingly like its big brother from the PlayStation 3.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for it when it hits the shelves, though an official release date is yet to be announced.


    Did you ever want to use a sniper that fires grenades, or even a pistol that shoots acidic rounds? Borderlands 2 has more guns and craziness than a cl4p tr4ps hard drive. The question now remains; is it as good as the original or as bad as a sack of Skags?

    Quite simply – Yes. Beyond simplicity? It surpasses the original in every way. Here’s 5 reasons why:

    Guns, Guns and Guess What, More Guns

    Borderlands has always been about killing and looting with your closest friends while competing over who has the biggest gun. Borderlands 2 takes this concept and boosts it to new proportions. The total number of guns to find in the original was 17.7 million (each mod or colour change counted as a new gun), whereas now, well – there’s just too many to count! The sheer number of variations compared to the first game is staggering, amusing and downright manic. It has everything from plasma shooting assault rifles and burst firing elemental sniper rifles, to wacky guns that scream when you shoot them and, if you’re really lucky, guns with ammo regeneration. If you thought the original had a lot of guns, this has them in spades.

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    Limited Edition Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chests and other goodies to be won via new online shoot and loot game, Mount Jackmore.

    First they had gamers hooked for hours with 80’s style de-make, ‘The Border Lands’. Now, 2K Games and Gearbox Software have launched Mount Jackmore, a new online game with prizes to give away including the much sought-after Limited Edition Loot Lockers.

    Handsome Jack, the ultimate villain of Gearbox Software’s upcoming release, Borderlands 2, has kicked his arrogance and douchebaggery up a notch by carving his face into Pandora’s rocky landscape. Mount Jackmore gives players the mission to shoot away at his chiselled features in the hope of taking away a prize.

    Registered players start by selecting their weapon of choice and use their initial supply of 100 bullets to chip away at Jack’s stony face. Players can earn additional ammo once a day by inviting friends to play. As the rock disintegrates, prizes will be given away at designated points in the game.

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    2K Games and Gearbox Software announced today that the sequel to the explosive breakout hit, Borderlands, is currently in development at world-renowned developer Gearbox Software.

    Arriving on X-Box 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC in Take Two’s 2013Financial Year, which begins April 1, 2012.

    Details of what we can expect from the sequel are vague at best partially due to the news being leaked yesterday, forcing the makers to respond.


      Gearbox Software and 2K Games have today announced a free surprise for Duke Nukem First Access Club Members; free multiplayer DLC.

      You’ll be pleased to know that if you’re part of the“First Access Club,” (those who preordered the game from 2K and Gearbox or bought the Borderlands GOTY edition) you will get “the very first Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer downloadable add-on for free!”

      The details are vague but it has been said that it’s “a full DLC. Not some silly skin.”, this is according to a Kotaku source.