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Question by Halo Fan 2264: How would I make a Lightning effect on a picture that is similar to the inFAMOUS Game on PS3 for free?
I need to find a free way to make a lightning effect like those on the inFAMOUS video game for PS3. It needs to be free and work with vista. It has to be a for a 32-bit PC. Please help!

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Answer by outlawdesigntn
Get a freeware graphics program called The Gimp from here-


And then use this tutorial to help you learn how to make lightning-

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    god of war saga box artThe US Playstation Blog has revealed two epic bundles to add to their “collections” line up.

    The excellent Ratchet and Clank Collection was already expected to hit US stores on August 28th, having done the rounds on review sites and scoring well throughout – including a 12/13 here on T1. The game was released in the UK/EU as “Ratchet and Clank Trilogy” in June.

    We thought it was the best collection released to date (it was!), but as if to make up for the American release delay in stellar fashion, Sony today revealed two more collections due to launch simultaneously with the US Ratchet and Clank Collection release – God of War Saga, and the inFAMOUS Collection.


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      Opinion: Did Radical Close Because inFamous was Better than Prototype
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        Another week and another video game developer received a critical blow. Activision all but shut the doors of Radical Entertainment last week, leaving the future of Prototype franchise in question.

        Significantly reducing the staff of the Vancouver based studio to that of a skeleton crew, Activision said: “Some employees will remain working for Radical Entertainment supporting other existing Activision Publishing projects, but the studio will cease development of its own games going forward.”

        The dominant publisher, with a controversial history of making “significant reductions to staff” at many popular game studios it has acquired, cited Prototype 2’s poor sales as the final nail in the coffin, claiming that the IP “did not find a broad commercial audience.” Is this down to poor marketing on Activision’s end, or could it be that another superhero from the world of video games already has the market sewn up? With a metacritic rating of 74, compared to inFamous 2’s 83, the reading may suggest that this is the case.

        The two games are strikingly similar, the premise of each game being the most obvious resemblance; an original ‘superhero’ in a sandbox city. As a sequel, Prototype 2 is what you can expect from a game franchise these days; criticisms from the first game have been addressed, and the more exciting gameplay mechanics have been built on and expanded. However, that just wasn’t enough to push more than 390,000 units out the door, which is pitiful compared to the 1,200,000 copies inFamous 2 sold.

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          Recent release inFamous: Festival of Blood has become the fastest selling PS3 game ever on the PlayStation Network.

          The game is the first title to be released by developer Sucker Punch since it became a Sony owned studio in August of this year.

          Festival of Blood is a standalone title with a different visual to previous titles and a dose of vampire action.


          According to an Edge report, one of Sony’s top PS3 developers has already put its full force behind PS4 development.

          Sony consistently talks about its 10-year lifecycle for the PS3, but that doesn’t mean it’s not already planning for the console’s successor. Developers speaking to IndustryGamers have indicated that there are more improvements to be made still on PS3, but those same people could soon be looking to the PS4.

          Moreover, this unnamed developer has been instrumental in PS4’s design, as the report indicated that the studio’s been “involved in the development process of the graphics technology adopted by Sony’s new hardware.”

          It’s unclear which developer the report is referencing, but some candidates could be Naughty Dog (Uncharted), Guerilla (Killzone) or Sucker Punch (inFamous). All of these studios have certainly pushed the PS3 hardware pretty well and their input into graphical capabilities for a successor to PS3 would no doubt be very valuable.