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    Kalypso Media in cooperation with the Humble Bundle, is offering gamers a great deal during this week’s Humble Weekly Sale.

    Via the Humble Bundle “Choose your price” system, consumers can name their price on a collection of fantastic Kalypso games from the list below –

    Tropico 3 (Steam Edition)
    Take on responsibility as El Presidente in Tropico 3, the management sim game that tests the player’s ability to balance domestic affairs with international pressures. Building an island from the ground up by laying infrastructure, creating an economy and planning for the welfare of the people, all while remembering to keep an eye on diplomatic affairs as Cold War tensions heat up between USA and the USSR and embroil Tropico! Regardless of whether players decide to lead their nation to prosperity or enjoy the riches of corruption, success will be determined by how well they prepare for the unpredictable.

    Sine Mora
    Join a band of ferocious furry pilots in this shoot’em up classic with a contemporary twist. Sine Mora is a side-scrolling shooter with rotating 3D views of battle and gameplay dictated by dwindling seconds on a time clock. The time mechanic adds a new level of tension as players dodge bullets to avoid being docked seconds and aim at their foes in hopes of adding seconds to the ever decreasing time clock.

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    Nothing makes me happy like a turn-based strategy game – tinkering with tactics and strategies is my therapy. Heroes of Might & Magic, the original Fallouts, and Jagged Alliance 2 are just some of the titles to claim many hours of my free time over the last few years. So, having recently learned of on an online version of Jagged Alliance, aptly named Jagged Alliance Online, I jumped at the chance to spearhead the review and (hopefully) plunge many hours into that game too.

    Jagged Alliance Online requires no downloads, and can be played entirely on your browser thanks to the power of the Unity engine. Upon starting the game, I was immediately taken aback by the well polished visuals, which are especially impressive for a browser-based game. Jagged Alliance Online is living proof of how far browser-based games have come; from improved graphical presentation to the ability to incorporate sound effects to substantially enhance gameplay; because who doesn’t love an authentic sounding explosion when they shoot an oil barrel?

    The game throws you straight into a tutorial mission, which has you battle through various enemies before meeting up with a colleague, who then accompanies you in the rescue of a third mercenary. This tutorial introduces you to the turn-based action and does a competent job at explaining the simple things, such as how to effectively make use of your Action Points (AP), as well as explaining the more complex actions, like dealing with an enemy that’s in cover.

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    Following Shades of Red, the second DLC, titled Point Blank, was released today as the next addition to the successful strategy game Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. The new downloadable content is now available from Steam for £3.99 GBP/ €3.99 EUR.

    Point Blank takes place in a government district where the US ambassador John Gaiden is being held hostage.

    Renegade ex-CIA agent Rygor Manson is behind the kidnapping, and this means that freeing the ambassador will require real pros—Gus Tarballs, Robert James “Scully” Sullivan, and Donna “Spider” Housten are on the way…

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      The 14th June 2012 issue of T1 Daily is available now, bringing you the best of today’s gaming news in magazine format:

      -The Song of Doom Update brings with it a world of Darkness, Rebellion and Death. Delightful!

      Radiated Wasteland
      -Pixel Pandemic announce new post-apocalyptic browser-based MMORPG.

      TERA Online
      -What better way to celebrate a successful launch than with 7 Free Days?

      Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
      -Point Blank DLC sees you rescue a US ambassador being held hostage in a government district.

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      Kalypso Media is pleased to announce the release of Jagged Alliance: Back in Action to UK retail today.

      Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, the latest in the much-loved series of military-themed tactical games will challenge players to run their own Private Military Corporation, managing everything from recruiting and equipping mercenaries to commanding troops in boots-on-the-ground combat.

      Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is available for PC for SRP £34.99 GBP/ €44.99 EUR.


      Kalypso Media is dropping players into the thick of tactical combat today with the release of a new trailer for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.

      In today’s video, viewers will learn firsthand how the innovative new “Plan & Go” system works when it comes to managing troops on the battlefield.

      Along with a new 3D graphics engine, Plan & Go is one of the key new features in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, and will challenge players to craft the ultimate battlefield strategies as they coordinate actions between mercenaries and mercenary teams, as they fight to free the island of Arulco.