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The 56th issue of T1 Monthly is available now, packed with the latest gaming reviews, previews and features!

The November 2012 issue of Thirteen1 includes:

Hawken Beta
-Take a look at Adhesive Games’ new mech fps, Hawken.

Primal Carnage Review
-We dive into the human vs dinosaurs world of Primal Carnage.

Halo 4 Review
-Master Chief is back and more badass then ever, we take a look at everything the new Halo game has to offer.

Three Thing Game
-We bring coverage of Three Thing Game, an exciting annual 24-hour XNA coding marathon held at Hull University, UK

Forza Horizon Review
-How does the new Forza game compare to the previous instalments

..and more!
-Including Painkiller HD, Fable: The Journey, Natural Selection 2, Breaking into the Industry, and more…

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    T1 catches up on the best bits of gaming news from this bank holiday weekend.

    Guild Wars 2 launched it’s 3-day head start ahead of today’s proper launch – rumour has it somebody has already reached level 80!

    The devs at Unknown Worlds have revealed a brand new Exosuit to be added to their clever online humans vs. aliens FPS/RTS, Natural Selection 2.

    Elsewhere, it has been announced that Happy Wars will be the first ever true free-to-play online game to hit the XBLA, while the Uncharted movie has lost its director (again!) and it undergoing a rewrite.

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    The 100% free-to-read September issue of Thirteen1 is available now, keeping your Autumn blues at bay with crazy shooters, head scratching strategy sims, previews of upcoming gems and free to enter competitions. Summer eh..who needs it!

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    This month sees T1 dabble in the shady lie of crime, as 2K Games’ gangster sequel Mafia II dominates the front cover. Does the series’ next-gen debut outing deserve your respect? Or should it be cast aside and left sleeping with the fishes?
    The heist and gun play fun doesn’t stop there either, with Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days bursting onto the scene in a bid to right the wrongs of the original. They’re actually looking pretty good for a couple of dead men..

    And if that isn’t enough run-and-gun fun for you, the frenetic action continues with a special preview of Natural Selection 2, an epic upcoming FPS from Unknown Worlds Entertainment, as well as a review of MMO-shooter Global Agenda, which was recently released in the UK and has adopted the growingly popular free-to-play model. Guns, explosions, crimes and robots…it doesn’t get much better than this!


      Unknown Worlds, developers of Natural Selection 2, have set a date for their anticipated playable alpha.

      On Monday, July 26th, anyone that has pre-ordered NS2 Special Edition will get alpha access. This special edition, which also gives players exclusive all-black marine armor, will not be available after that date. The introductory pricing will also end at that time and the regular edition price will increase (currently $20). Over 12,000 players have pre-ordered to date.

      “We actively supported the original Natural Selection over a period of five years and 20 versions. We added 18 maps, new weapons, alien movement abilities and a new gameplay mode. Getting NS2 to a playable alpha state marks the beginning of a new journey for us – one that we intend to support just as much.”