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EA has revealed it will be shutting down online servers for a handful of its titles, some of which required a paid Online Pass to access.

From April 13 the online components of Burnout Revenge, The Godfather II, FIFA 10, MMA, The Saboteur and Need for Speed ProStreet will no longer be accessible.

EA Sports Active, EA Create and recently released XBLA title Spare Parts will also lose online support.


    Upcoming action title Prototype 2 will be the first Activision title to include an Online Pass type system.

    The publisher has taken a different approach to the traditional Online Pass method by only offering free codes in a limited number of copies.

    It all takes the guise of Radnet – a content portal that gives fans 55 free pieces of additional content spread across the seven weeks following the game’s release in April.


      Ubisoft is the latest publisher rumoured to be introducing an online pass that charges pre-owned buyers extra for in-game content.

      Gamerzines is reporting that ‘Uplay Passport’ will restrict access to online multiplayer in upcoming racer Driver: San Francisco. Only those who buy the game new – or buy a code from XBL or PSN if they purchased a second-hand copy – will be able to access it.

      The website reckons Uplay Passport will also be present in other future multiplayer games from Ubisoft such as Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.


        EA Online Pass model to be used by platform holder; Debut with Resistance 3.

        Sony has officially confirmed its intentions to debut the PSN Pass with September’s shooter release Resistance 3 on PSN.

        The PSN Pass was first rumoured yesterday after it was spotted on the packaging of Insomniac’s upcoming title.

        And as expected, the Pass very much apes similar schemes such as EA’s Online Pass. These require consumers to use an in-the-box code to access various gameplay features that must be downloaded or unlocked over PSN.