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    Marvel is hot property right now. It always has been, of course, but 2012 has undoubtedly been Stan Lee’s year, what with a cracking new Amazing Spider-Man movie (and a more than decent tie-in game) and The Avengers being released. Fans have been spoilt for choice – and they’re about to get a whole lot more of it.

    Blizzard co-founder and Diablo mastermind, David Brevik, and the talented team at Gazillion Entertainment are working on Marvel’s answer to the under-rated DC Universe. Marvel Heroes is shaping up to be a true Marvel MMO; the kind of game that could genuinely appeal to everybody, from old-school Diablo players and comic book fans, to the new-school movie goers who’s knowledge of the universe begins and ends with Joss Whedon’s big screen triumph.

    With Marvel Heroes getting close to release, we took the opportunity to sit down with David Brevik and fire a few questions his way. Hulk Smash!

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      Might & Delight Q&A for Pid with answers by Anders Westin, CEO of Might & Delight.

      1. Congratulations to everybody at Might & Magic on the release of Pid. As a newly formed team, how daunting was the process of working on your first studio release?

      A: Thank you! As probably with every studio, we had our ups and downs during the production, but the vision and love for Pid was always strong and the whole team really gave it their all.

      2. Impressively, Pid felt very unique, which is no small task in today’s market. However it was a real tough cookie at times, even playing normal mode. Was it always intended to be such a challenging experience? The gameplay trailers made it look so serene.

      A: It was very important for us that Pid stood out and had its own style. Regarding the difficulty, we wanted the retro spirit of older games for the NES and SNES to show in Pid. Many gamers today complain that games “hold their hands” while playing, and that they aren’t challenging enough. After the release we got criticism that the game was too frustrating at times, and of course that saddened us. We were hoping that the challenge would be something positive. But we have listened to the fans, and we are working on something to remedy the situation as we speak.

      3. How did you go about balancing Pid’s storyline and gameplay development? Personally we’d have liked to see more development with Kurt as a character.Read More in Today’s Issue of T1 Daily


        DJ Arcas is a name many will be familiar with, being the first person to create a game grossing more than one million dollars on Xbox Live Indie and all.

        For the few that don’t: DJ Arcas made FortressCraft, a wonderful little game about building anything you could imagine. But fifteen months on, what is he up to now? Aside from still providing free updates for FortressCraft, of course.

        The answer is FortressCraft2D: Zombie Survival, a 2D, base-building, zombie-splattering slice of fun which is generating buzz by having its entire design process open and critique-able. Hungry for more info than was available, T1 dispatched an agent to Arcas’ volcanic lair to get some greater insight into the ideas behind this very promising title.

        What made you want to go from peaceful building to tower defence?

        I love Tower Defence! This will be the 4th or 5th tower defence game I’ve written. Once the game idea trickled into my head, it turned out it wasn’t leaving; game ideas that won’t leave my head generally turn out to be good ones. (usually!)

        Why make the design docs publicly available?

        I’ve encountered an insane amount of ignorance since leaving the AAA industry and going Indie. Whilst DVDs have plenty of ‘Making of’ features, so Joe Public has a very clear idea of the cost, scope and effort that goes into a film, games rarely have the same amount of thing. Someone outright accused me of stealing the source code to Minecraft and putting it on the Xbox; a task that anyone with a modicum of coding sense would realise to be completely impossible.

        As FortressCraft2D is much more of a traditional game than FortressCraft: Chapter 1, it made sense to get people in really early. If people are interested, and follow the changes in the design doc, then they can see how a game grows. You don’t sit down and flesh out an entire game in a design, then implement it wholesale. Instead, you come up with ideas, you throw away the ones that don’t seem to work, you implement the ones that continue to seem good, you evolve new ideas based on how the old ones are.

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        The 100% free-to-read September issue of Thirteen1 is available now, keeping your Autumn blues at bay with crazy shooters, head scratching strategy sims, previews of upcoming gems and free to enter competitions. Summer eh..who needs it!

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        This month sees T1 dabble in the shady lie of crime, as 2K Games’ gangster sequel Mafia II dominates the front cover. Does the series’ next-gen debut outing deserve your respect? Or should it be cast aside and left sleeping with the fishes?
        The heist and gun play fun doesn’t stop there either, with Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days bursting onto the scene in a bid to right the wrongs of the original. They’re actually looking pretty good for a couple of dead men..

        And if that isn’t enough run-and-gun fun for you, the frenetic action continues with a special preview of Natural Selection 2, an epic upcoming FPS from Unknown Worlds Entertainment, as well as a review of MMO-shooter Global Agenda, which was recently released in the UK and has adopted the growingly popular free-to-play model. Guns, explosions, crimes and robots…it doesn’t get much better than this!


        Finishing off our series of Q&A’s with the guys at Perfect World Entertainment, we sent the DrunkenGamer once again, to talk to Andrew Brown, Production Manager for Perfect World Entertainment.

        This time around, we turn our attention to their new and upcoming oriental MMO, Heroes of the Three Kingdoms which promises greatly detailed character creation and a massive choice of weapons to specialise in, all focused around three opposing factions fighting for domination. Great battles are plentiful and there’s more Kung Pow Beef than you can shake a chopstick at… Ok, we made that up, but we certainly want to find out more.


        Continuing our series of Q&A’s with the guys at Perfect World Entertainment, we discuss their action RPG ‘Battle of the Immortals’.

        To find out a little more about this interesting title, the ever inebriated DrunkenGamer talks to Product Manager, Jon Belliss about what makes this game different to any other Perfect World Entertainment title released to date. From its unique isometric view to its mount levelling system; it has certainly caught our attention, read on to find out more tantalising tid-bits about a game that promises to be just a little bit different.


        The guys over at Perfect World Entertainment appear to be getting very good at creating top-notch free to play MMO’s, and with a new wave of MMO’s due, we figured it’s about time we learn their secrets. In our series of upcoming Q&A’s we’ve tasked the DrunkenGamer with getting to the bottom of their success.

        In the first in a series of three Q&A’s, I got to fire some questions at Product Manager, Andrew Brown about the upcoming fantasy MMO Forsaken World, we talk about some of the games features, classes & monster AI. Oh and I try to get a promise that their vampires will never sparkle!


        Last month, we gave you the opportunity to send in your questions for Icarus Studios, developers of post-apocalyptic MMO, Fallen Earth.

        deadfall1Being busy people, developers usually only manage to answer a selection of the questions sent to them. But not the Icarus team – they managed the whole collection!

        Senior Game Designer, Marie Croall, was the legend that took the time to accomplish this feat. Here is what she had to say:

        Chad: Where do you see the world of Fallen Earth at in a year’s time? Will we still be scrounging around in the Grand Canyon, or do we get to visit neighbouring states with different environments and weather?

        MARIE: There is a lot of territory left to explore in the Grand Canyon and several major storylines we could focus on, but if we have the opportunity to do something better in a different location, then that’s definitely something we will look into.


        Back in the early days of Thirteen1, we tried to start a feature known as ‘Ask the Game’. The concept was simple: we arranged a Q&A for a game, but the developers had to agree to allow the readers to set the questions.

        fallenearth2We successfully organised several of these, but after a while they started to become less frequent (We’re not sure whether the users started to scare the developers, or that the developers had simply become too busy to allow time for them.)
        You’ll notice that we have revived the feature, with varying levels of success, in recent issues of the magazine.

        However, its true home is here, in public, on the site. So it gives me great pleasure to announce it’s homecoming with our first ‘Ask the Game’ of our new site.

        Our first victims/volunteers are the ever helpful guys at Icarus Studios, creators of the post-apocalyptic MMO, Fallen Earth.

        Fallen Earth is set in the year 2156, when a series of global disasters has befallen the earth. The only remaining habitable area of the planet is the Grand Canyon Province. Here, the human race struggles on, trying to rebuild society in one way or another. You enter the game as a clone, to find your place in the wasteland amongst the various factions that fight for control of the area.