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    Nintendo recently registered a domain for ‘supermario4.com’, is this the recently announced 3DS game or something else entirely?

    Nintendo of America controls the domain, which actually redirects to the platform holder’s website, as spotted by an IGN reader.
    Whether Nintendo’s just wanted to tie up the domain or it’s actually linked to a product is up for speculation.


      Nintendo have confirmed new names and release dates for the 3DS’ two flagship Mario titles.

      Traditional platformer Super Mario will now be known as Super Mario 3D Land and will land on UK shelves in November. The new title harks back to the original Super Mario Land series on Game Boy, the first title of which has been released on the 3DS eShop.

      Meanwhile Mario Kart 3DS has become Mario Kart 7 and will be released in December. It is the first numbered entry in the long-running series.