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Originally featured in the November, 2013 issue of T1 Monthly (Flash only)

I’ve spent most of the month doing some pretty hardcore research into reading recovery and Gamification and figured that I’d use my ‘brain breaks’ to looking into how the small and silver screen use gamification to their advantage (or not, as the case may be). I think I’m fairly safe in the assumption that companies are using gamification to drum up some social interest in the TV shows and movies prior to release – some more effectively than others, although I do wonder how much of it is jumping on the back of already successful franchises to make a little extra dough.

I’ve only recently discovered Facebook games, after finally clicking one of those Candy Crush requests people have been sending me for years – yes, I know I’m late to the party – and ended up finding games for some of my favourite shows and movies!

All of them are ‘social energy’ games (I may have made up that term), where you have to wait between gameplay sessions for your energy to automatically refresh or for quests to complete – think of it as the 21st century’s Tamagotchi – you’re not going to be able to spend hours continually playing these, they’re games to dip into occasionally. These come down to a choice between patience or money – you gotta pay to keep playing! I gave myself a sneaky £3 allowance for each game to see what I could get for my money.

All of these games were chosen on the basis that they were current; The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are both popular, current TV shows, and both the Hunger Games and Jurassic Park have that are currently hot topics.



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    The January 11th 2012 issue of Thirteen1 includes:

    Double Fine Could be Interested in THQ Assets
    -Distressed Debt Investing posted on Twitter today “Double Fine has requested the bankruptcy filings in the THQ case,” leading to rumours Tim Schafer;s company may be bidding at the auction later this month.

    New Trailer and Screenshots for The Walking Dead
    -The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct brings the heart-stopping horrors of The Walking Dead to life in a way that’s unlike anything the series has ever seen.

    Flight League Contest Open to All BoomSky Pilots
    -NGames has proudly announced the introduction of monthly Flight League Contests to aerial-combat based MMORPG, BoomSky.

    Guide to Pockie Pirates’ Grand Line Adventures
    -Online games developer and publisher, NGames, has released a useful guide to the Adventures awaiting players in the brand new Grand Line expansion to browser-based One Piece MMO, Pockie Pirates.

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      The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct brings the heart-stopping horrors of The Walking Dead to life in a way that’s unlike anything the series has ever seen.

      Terminal Reality’s upcoming video game is a first-person survival game based on AMC’s Emmy award-winning series. In the game, players assume the role of the mysterious, crossbow-wielding survivor Daryl Dixon, alongside his overbearing brother Merle, on a haunting, unforgiving quest to make their way to the supposed safety of Atlanta.

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      I should start this review by admitting I’ve never had an interest in episodic, QTE adventure games. But when it comes to a mega franchise like The Walking Dead (zombies, yay!), I couldn’t resist the pull of the genre any longer. I feel confident in saying I’m not the only one who’ll be jumping into new territory to play this game either, such is the pull of The Walking Dead ever since it’s TV debut in 2010.

      But if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that developer Telltale Games is a powerhouse of this field, and despite never playing them, the success of their takes on Sam & Max and Monkey Island have resonated throughout the industry. At least my episodic virginity is in safe hands, then.

      Episode 1 – A New Day is the first of 5 planned episodic releases, each based on the universe created by Robert Kirkman’s original comics rather than being directly inspired by the popular TV series itself. Not that this represents much of a deviation for those who have only seen the TV show – the earlier episodes are surprisingly faithful to the comics.